La la la


I had trouble falling asleep and had to use Myoflex on my back + took half a hydrocodone, which I try to never do!! Then I woke up wide-awake at 4am only like 3 hours later! I tossed and turned until 7:20!! Ya gotta love just having a few hours of sleep!!! Woot adrenaline!

Just had my yogurt/frozen cherries/sliced almonds, about to gag on about fifty thousand supplements, have a big ol' fistful of stickers and visual perception/handwriting worksheets I printed out yesterday, plus am bringing a heat pack, a cold pack, biofreeze, and painkillers for my back. I AM READY TO FACE THE MUSIC! I want to get there a little early but not too early since I don't have a key to the clinic!! I'm going to pull all my morning kid folders so have access to their goals to be working on, have a few of them already prepared worksheet wise, and then do my best to not freak out with the insanity. AHAHAHAAHA

Plus I'm starting to feel bad about the lateness in responding so my official only goal for tonight post workout is just to respond to my e-mails and facebook msgs!! And write some cards, I'm so behind on my lonely-people project!

Have a good day!!!

Jul 22, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none