La La la …and I'm spent.

Okay…it's 120am and I have answered all e-mails…am down to TWO. One is the newest potential OT Practice Article e-mail [ the social community one I still need to finish] and one is an in-progress thought…..of course I'm still not caught up with Facebook or AOL but I guess that can be this weekend's project 🙂

Oh btw, Just finished a correspondence e-mail with a sweet OT student who asked for a recommendation on a native american flute CD, since in my article on balancing occupations last year I talked about listening to it to de-stress! She is the first to ask, LOL….one time I listened to that on my ipod for so long during a cry-baby flight that I swear I had flutes playing in my head that night as I tried to sleep.

Recommendation: Dreamscapes by R. Carlos Nakai, it was a gift from some friends 🙂

Project: I really would love to share/post more mini stories from OT-related people on personal experiences….funny, sad, whatever…you know, chicken-soupy. It can be a few sentences, a paragraph, whatever…nothing is too insignificant….whether you were the OT, the OT student, the COTA, the patient, the observer, whatever. And if you know me in person and are too lazy (or more fairly, too busy) to write it up (hi, half my class) but want to call me so I can write it down, that works too 🙂

Ok I'm sooooooooooooooo ready for bed now that my mind is clear and my e-mail box is empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AUGH I just heard a scary noise

AUGH btw when I was wandering through Davis-Kidd's kid section tonight on my way out from seeing Brooke, I was like, enraptured by all the awesome OT-friendly toys they had, I wanted them all, like chunky puzzle pieces, and neat visual perceptual games for kids, and well, I'm OBSESSED with toys these days, everything I see I want for my kids…..”oh look at this barnyard big piece puzzle, this would be great for the evals……oh look at this maze game, this would be great for my visual perception kid”……..

that reminds me, i need to try and write up a down-graded social/visual perception poem, a la Joyful Noise poetry book, for my shy VP kid!!!

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