la la la la sleep time – tomorrow marks end of week six, HALFWAY through first rotation already

Funny story of day:

Allison is doing her fieldwork at a pediatric psychosocial setting, and she was dealing with a little boy that is very sexually aggressive. She sat down on the mat next to him at nap time to keep him from getting up again, blah blah, and anyway, he touched her butt, and she got in his face and was very stern and told her never to touch her body again, and he was like, in a sing-song voice, “I'm touching yourrr boooddddyyy” AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA



Today I agreed to come in at 11am instead of 1pm because we have soo much paperwork to do…did paperwork several hours. Evals, plans of care, addendums, etc. Then Christy and I did a home visit to a little boy who is soo cute, then went to Target and I ate standing up in the toy section as we put together a toy bag for an OT who will be doing early intervention work for us in Oxford, Mississippi.

One of our biggest purchases – a 20 dollar splurge – was a pink piggie bank with giant coins that sings as you put coins in. Sounds silly, but it's one of our most popular toys – kids LOVE it.

Then we came back in time for me to do an eval on a 9 year old boy who functioned at a 6 year old level – his mom filled out the Short Sensory Profile, plus I had him do all 3 parts of the WRMVA or however it is spelled, plus some writing, cutting, and gross motor stuff.

Then we did many more hours of paperwork. Luckily our 515 eval did not show up. At 715ishpm we finally got all the paperwork done that needed to get done before my OT leaves for vacation for a week – the stuff that is left I can do on my own and get another OT to sign.

I finally got to leave 730pmish and went to pick up my friends and we went to dinner, got milkshakes, then I brought them back to my place for peaches and to strum the guitar and sing bad songs to them. Now it's 11:15pm and I'm about to go to sleep…..I'm exhausted. Too bad I get to work overtime, for free!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day – I am meeting my OT at her house at 830am (better get gas first since we'll probably drive about 150+ miles!!) and we have 3 home visits scheduled in 3 different areas of Missisippi, and then we drive to Oxford to meet up with the new OT! And then I get to take home Lester the Lion Kitty for the first time, be still my beating vomiting heart!!!

Tomorrow is Friday night and I'll probably stay in (people are welcome to visit me though) since I'll have my new cat, as well as be utterly exhausted. Saturday I will see friends and I babysit Saturday night. Sunday I'll see friends. And I do want to go to the hospital if at all possible to hold babies….and blah blah blah.

Good night.

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