La la la…the start of week 2

This morning, we had a computer lab session today to go over using stat analysis in Excel. This afternoon, we had our beloved psychiatrist come give us a lecture on schitzophrenia and personality disorders. It was, as before, both fascinating and depressing. Then we had a class with the professor across the state, to learn about substance abuse and how OT’s can help in that arena. It was interesting material, but there were technological difficulties with the distance learning all afternoon, which was frustrating for both campuses. Overall it was just a “blah” day for me…I felt rather “dysphoric” if you will! (ahaha, I totally crack me up). After classes ended at 5, Brooke, Allison, Meg, and I then went to the gym. I was really hoping that I’d get some endorphin action to boost my mood, and luckily it worked. But now I am tired again, and it is only 8:20pm and I haven’t even started actually doing homework. Augh! Really really really tired! So I am procrastinating by writing in this blog for another minute or two and then I’ll somehow find the energy to do a little reading. It’s going to be an early night, I think.

While we were discussing substance abuse disorders, I got a little overwhelmed. Not by the material presented, but by the idea that us OTs could help someone with SO MANY PROBLEMS get their life back on track. We had a fake case study of an alcoholic and when we made his “problem” list, it was really long. It’s hard to imagine tackling so many issues successfully.

I think this is the shortest blog entry I’ve written in a long time, I know there are people dropping dead in amazement all over the world.

Tomorrow is luckily a shorter day. The big thing is that Camiell & Anna will be coming over to my apt to work on the home adaptation project. I don’t think any of us have ever made a floor plan before…should be a hoot. And by “hoot” I mean “architectural travesty”.

Good night.

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