Lab Paradise! Biometrics and AAC left to describe.

Me about to play a space-ship shooting game with only my cheek muscles. Using a $21,000 Biometrics program.
Brooke and Stephanie working on soldering, as we worked on making simple on/off switches to use in toy adaptation.

It’s 2:45am and I’ve spent the last hour writing up lab experiences since I eventually gave up on trying to sleep, so please scroll down since there are about five new posts! This was on my to-do list for the weekend so I’m glad I did it although I wish it hadn’t occurred so late. Oh well, you can’t win them all. I have two labs left to talk about – Biometrics (involving a $21,000 program shown above), and today’s Augmentative Communication/Adaptive Technology Lab, which involved soldering (above)!! So enjoy the posts below, and comment your heart out to provide me with positive reinforcement. I’ll get back to y’all soon with the final two lab descriptions.

I need to do a lot of work this weekend and I’m also visiting with some friends and participating in a Heart Walk tomorrow, so I’ll probably be scarce for a few days. I’m going to attempt to sleep again since I need to be up in 4 hours. Have a great weekend! Hope the two pictures above have deliciously tantalized you so that you come back for more information.

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