Labor Dayyy

Have spent weekend with friends who came in from out of town for Labor Day. They are staying at a hotel in Southaven, Mississippi. A ton of Louisiana evacuees are there as well now. My friends leave in morning, after we go to brunch with a bunch of friends. We've been swimming several times. By tomorrow afternoon/evening I will have gotten to see my landlords Jim and Linda, Mike, Christa, Sarah, a brief visit with her parents, Lisa Jo (“so pretty and so nice”) + her kids, Suzy, Arnie, Brooke, Kerri, Brent, Virginia, and a few others. 🙂 I was also just invited to my OT supervisor's house for a cook-out tomorrow evening which is sooo sweet but I already have plans so probably can't make it at all, we'll see.

And my COTA + a girl I did the plane crash simulation drill with, both invited me out last-minute Saturday night…the COTA to Beale Street with her friends, the plane crash girl to see if I would be helping with New Orleans paperwork of evacuees…but it was too late-minute because of my out of town friends. So a popular weekend!!!

Lester was quite popular as well….today I accosted a Petco employee to help me find some brothy wet food (he has so much trouble eating, licking the juices works best for him), plus a toothbrush, plus some dental treats etc…lol. With every sentence of explanation of my psycho cat her mouth dropped a little wider. AHAHAHAAHA. I'm trying to get his new laser toy to work as we speak.

I do still need to write up a few things, I'm feeling kinda too tired right now but we'll see.

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