Laundry list of occupational therapy student tasks

This post is basically a laundry list of my day as an OT student as well as tomorrow's list of things to do. It helps me keep track of what I'm doing! But if I'm going to write it down anyway, I might as well share, right? My goal for the next few days (after tonight) will be to write proper professional posts about recent activities! And I have a deep & burning question about HIPAA to ask y'all soon.

Soo…I'm having a good day! OT Practice has tentatively accepted my submission of the balance of occupation article! And I worked out! And I volunteered! And I got a wonderful reference letter from one of my sweet & distinguished professors! And I got stuff printed out! And I finally get to do the lumbar stability exercises that I learned 6 weeks ago for a PT research study, and didn't get to do because I was a control subject, but now I can because they did their final assessment on me! And I don't have a ton of work to do tonight! (Just the normal crushing load AHAHAHAA)

Tomorrow we have a student lecture on Conductive Education, then Meg, Emily, and I present on Biofeedback, including showing the class the $20,000 Biometrics program. Then we have a pathology class where we will receive our second test. Then I'm going to the faculty meeting, just for a minute, to share some student concerns (as one of the academic representatives), and then meeting my research group to talk about our community initiative, and then we have a class on leadership where we have a speaker coming to discuss Level 2 fieldwork. Then I'm meeting a friend who is a MOT student in the class ahead of us, Mandi, to hang out a little while. Then maybe I'll work out (cough with Allison cough please come cough) and then I'll just work on some various projects.

Tonight I need to figure out what I'm going to wear for the presentation tomorrow (gasp), practice giving the presentation, work on my community paper, try to finish up my TOTA/ASD applications, and in general get focused on stuff!

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