Laundry lists: Yay or nay?

Too many projects!

I’ve recently received some feedback about this journal. The consensus is that I should stick to one topic within a post (I agree), the shorter the better (I agree but um, yeah right), pictures are always good (I agree), and I should stick to professional/personal experiences that really delve into OT, instead of just my lists of “I have so much to do for OT school, look!”. I’ve thought about it, especially since I do want to improve my writing. My thoughts on the matter are that I enjoy writing streams of consciousness about my day or upcoming projects – it helps me figure out what I need to do and if I’m going to write it up anyway, I might as well share. Do you all agree? Should I stop posting my to do lists or “im stressed out” posts, and just focus on the professional and personal experiences? I would appreciate input. If I were writing this 100% for myself, I’d continue writing them, because it brings me sanity. But since I only do it 90% for myself, I do like hearing what others think!!

Oct 10, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 3

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