Lava Paper – Teach Sizing and Baseline orientation – Handwriting – OT

I think I overwhelmed people with my rules. It's actually quite simple.

1. Print out in color.
2. BeeLine/Skyline: Bees attack if you go above the sky – NOTHING should ever be that high.
3. Middle/Lava line: “Baby letters” have to stay under the lava-line or they get burned. Only capital letters/tall babies can go through lava safely. (ie a is a baby, b is a tall baby)
4. Dirt/worms: Only tail letters like y, p, g, can go below the line. All other letters get attacked by worms if they go that low.
5. They can “save” their letters by erasing and fixing the mistake. 🙂

Have some new product ideas for OT fine motor games – would love to talk to someone who knows the next step!


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