Lava/worm/bee testimonial – OT Paper

Shows journal entry from a day before, and then journal the next day. Granted, this is a very smart child who already had very reasonable, nice handwriting, just a little sloppy/quick at times. HOWEVER, after a 5 minute description/tutorial of lava/worms/bees paper, his handwriting improved dramatically – because he had all the skills, but he needed a game to make the rules of boundaries/sizing make sense. Because he had to work carefully on boundaries/sizing, his letter formation improved as well. I know it’s a habit that has to be built so I’m not saying I like, made a miracle – but I swear to you guys – make handwriting about a game and see how quick they improve. 🙂
PS: turn your computer upside down to see it…

Apr 26, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none