Lessons from OT…

My friend Patti just got into OT school in New Jersey. She is currently an OT Tech. Her blog address is http://thejourneyhasonlybegun.blogspot.com/

Here is a recent post of hers:

Lessons from OT:
… Having the ability to listen and understand is more powerful than knowing the right things to say.
… A person’s recovery is as unique as their fingerprints, you are never dealing with the same thing twice.
… Some questions might sound dumb, but they still need to be asked.
…. You will spend a great deal of effort helping someone out of bed, into their clothes and into their wheelchair. But once you head for the door, they will inevitably need to use the bathroom.
… There is no job duct tape can’t handle.
… If you show passion in your job, you can see its reflection in your patients attitude and outcome.
… It’s okay not to know everything, I’m sure even doctors need to use Google every now and then.
… Every day holds a learning experience, even when it’s something you really didn’t want to learn. 🙂

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