Lester is loved by the world

Lester got his first piece of fan mail from another animal, although I'm sure Virginia's cat Marley and Kerri's cat Oxford will be writing Lester shortly, hint.

Dear Lester,

We lives ats a ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas call tha Turkey Track Ranch. Our buddy Jimmie tol uses all bout yooz. Yooz is famus Lion Kitty!! We saws yur pikchurs an wach you on Tubeyu!! Raallly, rally, funnys! The Tutus wuz sooo funeey. Does you likes girly clothes? I do. How does yooz like my pink kollar? I liks to danz too. My names is Teddy, buts im a girlly pussykat. I runs the horsey stable. My bestest friends are Bo an Princess. Bo is a 100 poundz Gold retrever (he never brots us any gold yet) an Princess is a bird dog but i doesunt tink she looks lik a bird i ever seed. She is rally old but lots of fun. She lets me klim all over her iffin I want. Bo is  big weenie. All barking an no bitezeez. He am big puppyz wif me. We wants to bees pen pals wif you. I is sendin yooz pikchurs of uses. Bye bye for nows.
 Teddy, Bo n Princess.
P.s. I tinks yooz is cute in a weerd way.

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