Lester the Lion Kitty, Love of my Life :)


lesterthelionkitty.blogspot.com 🙂

This is Lester the Lion Kitty. Feel free to type in Lester the lion kitty on youtube and see his amazingness live. I just posted a video of him “shaking” for a treat under the name Meemaw teaches Lester how to shake or something like that. My Youtube name is OTStudentKaren if that helps.

He’s my star attraction of the South. I just briefly visisted Birmingham, AL for the weekend and we made a quick stop in Montgomery, AL so I could see my baby. (He was originally mine when I lived there, but I gave him to my good friend’s mother when I left as it would be too challenging to get him cross country with all his braciocephalic aka flat face issues leading to respiratory distress).

 I think I’m going to see about getting him some occupational therapy though. His fine motor skills are atrocious and so is his sequencing and problem solving. The mojito he made me was absolutely awful.

By the way, our big goal for the year is to get him into the 2014 Bad Cats calendar!!! So doable!! I’m always having to bail him out of jail….

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