My cat and I had a good first night together…..instead of helping out poor orphans or something, I decided to spend my time captioning pictures of him, and making up his first song.

Lester the Lion Kitty….
He’s so ugggg–a-leeee
Lester the Lion Kitty….
Makes me haaaaa…..aa—peeeeee.

Speaking of which, a conversation at a restaurant the other day:
Allison: I can’t see you ever getting your nails done
Me: What are you talking about? When I lived in CA I got them done all the time.
Allison: I just figured you’re the type to like, buy an orphan, not get your nails done.

And without further ado (can you see this weekend I am going to focus on Lester and not OT, but he NEEDS Ot to desensitize and for his gravitational insecurities, so I’ll get back to y’all on how that goes)…..

Aug 09, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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