Let's just add in a little cheery update

I'm sick and the slightest motion makes me feel breathless. I went in to change my a/c filter and the ground in the furnace room was all wet because apparently my a/c has decided to get plugged up and kinda die on me, I can use it if I don't mind changing out a bucket of water every few hours and hoping the water down the sides won't do anything, but I really shouldn't use it at all, and my landlords just went to Canadian mountains for 2 weeks and so I don't really know how to contact them and they have special people they use but I don't know who and there is a crazy man I could ask who lives in their upstairs place but talking to him could release the floodgates and cause him to start being obsessed with me again and it's like 90 degrees outside and I'm SICK and even if I can get them to come, it will probably take hours if not days and I HAVE TO BE IN SCHOOL ALL DAY EVERY DAY BECAUSE I AM AN OT STUDENT AND RIGHT ABOUT NOW THAT MAKES ME UNHAPPY AUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Calmer Shout-out: My good friend (Hi Burt) came over to try and help me patch up the water leak but it turns out it is a lot more serious than we both originally thought, so the patching didn't help much. He came up with the bucket idea and agrees it needs to be fixed asap. He has offered to come be here if needed to deal with a/c guy since I have to be in class pretty much all day. We'll see what happens. Thanks Burt!

Jul 22, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1