Life is crazy! Let me throw a few bones out there


Sorry no posts for a while, I've been exhausted! We have a thousand projects going on right now.

I have heard via e-mail from a lot of incoming or prospective OT students, which has been great. I think my next post will be on “Tips to impress your new OT professors” or something like that. So check back within a day or two, I promise I won't abandon you all!!! I'll also try to update my sidebar with new OTS blogs I've learned about 🙂

Today's schedule (Wednesdays for the next month are by far our easiest, we quit this beautiful Wednesday in early October when groups & media end)

Group 830 to 1030
Work out quickly
Shower & head to local hospital to do rehab database entry volunteer work
Hurry back to campus to go to a media class from 3 to 5pm on how to do a no-sew blanket with fleece! Fun!
Run to be at a Nar-Anon meeting at 545pm (it's an assignment to hit three different 12-steps)
Was going to visit with some friends I hadn't seen in a while but turns out they are busy. That's ok, I am exhausted and have a lot to do with grant proposals and assessment presentations (VALPAR, anyone?) etc, so I'll use the time to catch up on schoolwork.

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