Look Me In the Eye – a blog by a man with Asperger's.

While I was looking at Michelle O’Neil’s blog, I found a post where she discussed a new blog called “Look Me in the Eye”, http://jerobison.blogspot.com/

The author has Asperger’s and is quite articulate. Below is a sample of part of one of his posts.

Allow me to share some thoughts from my own Aspergian childhood experience. I don’t purport to speak for all autistic people, only for myself. But my thoughts may still be worth considering the next time you observe a “living dead” autistic person:

I am not “alive but dead.” I am fully aware of what’s going on around me, in fact, I am more aware of some things that ordinary people. I’m very quick to pick up very subtle things. As a misfit, I am well aware that I must always be on my toes – a jump ahead of the others. I just don’t always display visible reactions to things I see I see, smell, or hear.

The idea that “the body is there but the senses are gone” is just wrong. I have always been in full possession of my senses. As a child, my senses of hearing, smell, and taste were considerably sharper than those of my parents and most others around me. And my eyesight was at least average.

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