Make your letters fun!


A little guy and I were working on a rough draft of deciding how to make a laminated visual strip for certain letters (prone to reversals), as well as using his awesome creative powers to decorate letters, including his name. 🙂 Sometimes writing letters is way more motivating if you get to “play” with them after. I think we forget to make letters fun. We can think of letters as having quirky characters just like animals and people or being part of something cool, and make them more appealing. “L” doesn’t have to just be two lines. It can be a tower! It can be a pole! “U” can be a bathtub, or a smiley face. I liked his idea for “H” was a hippo 🙂 Mom gave me written permission to post this in case anyone is freaking out over a first name being shown… 😉

Oct 29, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none