Mark wants to know more…

Mark gave me permission to post this 🙂 A typical e-mail letter from future potential OT students..

Hi Karen, my name's Mark. I'm 17 at the moment and im currently in my final year of studies before hopefully going to University of Queensland, in Australia. Basically, for a long time during almost all of high school i couldn't decide at all on any career path whatsoever that i wanted to take, which was pretty depressing LOL. Until eventually my girlfriend's mother set me up with one of those occupational tests that tells you what sort of jobs match your personality and interests the best, and Occupational Therapy came way above anything else for me which was pretty suprising (seeing as i had no idea what OT was) but pleasing once i found out :P.
Ughhh so basically I've done a little bit of research on the courses and so forth and I'm taking quite an interest so far, and then i stumbled across your blog which was exactly what i was looking for, i thought it was an awesome idea for you to talk about your experiences in the field and during your studies because that's exactly the opinion people inspiring to undertake these courses needs to see, so they don't waste their time haha :p Anyway I haven't managed to get through the whole blog yet, but I was wondering if you could possibly reply to this email and tell me a little bit about the course and whatnot, like the Ups and Downs of studying, how full-on the studying was? if that makes sense :S what sort of jobs you've had sent your way and so on.
ANYWAY yeah I just dont feel like all the technical ramble on the internet about OT does it justice, so I figured I'd set out and try and find someone who could give me a brief rundown on what to expect, i know I can get the grades, i just need the motivation 🙂 haha, so thanks for reading if you got this far I hope you manage to reply to this and keep adding to your blog 🙂 i'll be checking it regularly ahah.

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