Martha Stewart blew my mind today, oh and Glee's handicapped episode

So this has nothing to do with OT but it struck me as really ironic.

I follow Martha Stewart on Twitter along with a bunch of other random peeps, and my Twitter came up and she had a few Tweets up and they all had no grammar, ie did not capitalize “i”, no periods, commas, etc. I was like…..Really? Am I the only one who finds that hilarious, considering she is known for her attention to detail???

Oh but by the way, to make this vaguely OT related, I am listening to “Defying Gravity” – I just watched my first episode of Glee, called “Wheels”, after I think it was announced in AOTA's minute or something. It was relatively well done, having all the glee club have to use wheelchairs for a few hours a day to know what one of their members had to go through daily – they used the term “handicapable” which I haven't seen before. And I loved the song Defying Gravity. So I downloaded it on iTunes. I recommend the show or at least that episode….I know there is probably some talk over on OT Connections about what people did and did not like about the show.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 26, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1