Me :)

I love this. My lovely and talented friend, Sarah, who I have known since she was a 12 year old fencer, is now a biomedical engineering college graduate and roller derby superstar! 🙂  I gave her a picture of me (at a time when I was having a rough time when she was still in high school) and she re-drew the picture in marker. I adore it. I didn’t think about until later that the picture showed a pretty classic pose for me, hand-wise. I tend to have a lot of flexion poses that I don’t realize are so unusual or different until I see them in pictures. People who have had strokes or brain damage often have some pretty strong internal rotation and flexion of their arm joints at elbow, wrist, etc, and while I don’t have the “tone”, I definitely find myself in those positions. 
But this is my theory. You know how a lot of psychiatrists and psychologists may be brilliant at their work, but are also utterly screwed up themselves because they went into psych. in the first place due to wanting to help themselves at least on a subconscious level? Same for OT, some of us go into OT and can do a good job but went into it recognizing our own developmental quirks, for example 🙂 
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