Medicare makes me want to vomit…

I'm sorry, was that inappropriate?

Sorry, I sometimes lack a social filter (but you should still vote for me!)…:)

We had the MOST BORING LECTURE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OMG on Medicare. The therapist who gave the lecture is very nice and competent and great, but insurance details, ESPECIALLY of Medicare, is so boring I could cry. I was not sure I'd survive the two hours of it.

I guess my feeling on it at this point is that we know the very basics – multiple parts, extraordinarily complicated (and often bizarre), elderly/disabled, yah yah…the DETAILS mean nothing to me at this time and won't start mattering to me until I start getting my feet wet in fieldwork. I know they just want us to have some exposure, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to take a Xanax if I have to hear more about Medicare in the next few months. Ugh. That will be the part about occupational therapy that will not be any fun – dealing with insurance and things like Medicare regulations. Ouch.

At least the morning started with a surprise by our superhero tech guy Neal, who arranged for a Sweet Adeline quartet (?) to sing us some V-day songs before the lecture started.

I had some OTS friends over for Valentine's Day and it was so much fun. They helped me clean out my closet – I'm not cool by nature but slowly I'm becoming cool….I guess saying I'm becoming cool is a dorky thing to say and therefore uncool, but let's just move on, shall we? Most of my clothes are going to Union University in Jackson, TN, that was hit hard by the tornado. Of course the students will probably be like um, are these clothes from like the 1970s? I guess maybe the dorkier fashionless students will appreciate them.

Tomorrow we have 3 hours of article presentations by fellow students, like on elderly suicide and the like…I went last week, and did mine on transcendental meditation and its possible use in the elderly!

I still haven't meet my blog goals and especially want to do my rheumatoid arthritis one, but for now I'm going to sleep. Good night.

PS: Google has rejected me yet again. I went from being in the top pages of searches for ot student, ot student blog, to being nonexistent? Conspiracy theory by AOTA and Google? Hmm. LOL.

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