Memorable moments for Carol, MOT I student…lol ok good night now

Ok I lied. NOW I am for sure going to bed after getting distracted. I had to share this…a MOT 1 student from my school wrote this on her new blog. Her name is Carol. I’m deleting a few names but its otherwise intact…I love it. Yay Carol!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow, time goes by fast

Looking back through the semester, there are some memorable moments.

1.) The first time we saw our cadavers ( little awkward)
2.) Rick’s “come together” hands
3.) Dr. Y’s “What the hell are you doing??” haha! still makes me giggle
4.) Those LONG anatomy labs…. and the scary weekends in there with only a couple classmates
5.) Visiting Chattanooga ( I think my head still hurts from squinting at the erlanger screen)
6.) Lunches outside and with friends
7.) Conference with Brittney (BLAST!)
8.) Study groups & studying in the park

9.) Nights out having fun, when we should be studying or working on a
take-home final (oh…Tugs)
10.) Going to the zoo, playing with my
new OT friends, and justifying all of it by saying “well, we are just
balancing our occupations!”
11.) Playing video games in the SAC as a study break or going into the hot tub down!
12.) Jay’s brown pencil when he is lecturing
13.) Spending my life savings at Los Compradres
14.) Pretending to be an OT during the Peds Labs giving evals
15.) Fieldwork at XYZ Children’s Institute- Learning I have alot to learn!
16.) GROUP PROJECTS & PRESENTATIONS (Disha being in almost every group )
17.) In class all day and studying till 12 at night
18.) Dori’s Dance
19.) Habitat for Humanity
20.) Everyone being sick at one point, poor Cody especially!
21.) Engagements, rings … (congrats kendal, jennifer)

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