Deciding what to teach my OTA students in a mental health course…

As I prepare for the mental health course I’m teaching in the Fall to OTA students (my first), I find myself consistently going back to my OT blog. I wrote over a thousand posts (not all of them high-quality, cough) while in grad school (2007-2009) and during my nine months of full-time internships, which included three months in a geriatric psych ward. I see all sorts of tidbits that remind me of things I want to share with my students! Things I wish I had done differently, or wish I had known, or need to cover…and I shake my head at some of the stuff I said/wrote. Blogging is a powerful tool for charting growth/the learning process! And if anyone wants to message me with things they wish I could cover…would love to hear your feedback.

To see more posts from grad school days, go to my sidebar and scroll down until you see Archived Posts…right click on one of those years and say Open in New Tab….below is a post I wrote in 2009 about me and a geriatric patient having the same underwear, and a bunch of other random things. 🙂

Is it bad if me and my geriatric patients have the same underwear?

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