Merry Christmas Eve …

I've been enjoying La Jolla…taking lots of naps, sitting outside in the sunshine, visiting family…I had a wonderful fondue dinner with my grandfather the other night…and wonderful carne asada fries with my grandmother…and yummy pancakes w/ chocolate cake in them with my mom and dad…etc. A lot of eating!!

We decorated the tree the other day, and there were all these homemade yarn pom-poms. My mom says they are easy to make. They would be a great craft to use in OT – so I am hoping Mom will have time to teach me before I go. I also realized I should probably learn to wrap presents properly, if for no other reason than that would be another good OT activity. So…I guess I have never been motivated to learn to do things myself, but I'll learn for my future patients!!!

Right now my mom and grandfather and I and a kitty are chilling out in the sun-drenched living room…my sister is still asleep…we're going to work out, then do GINGERBREAD QUILTING!!!!!!!!!!! then go to Dad's for a prime-rib dinner with extended family.

Tomorrow we will have our annual Christmas picnic at some park!! Mortadella-Brie-Doritos sandwiches are the BEST!!

Gingerbread quilting – like a gingerbread house, only a flat surface, for architecturally challenged people like me.

Merry Christmas Eve and stuff!!!

PS as always: I'm again behind on e-mail. I'll try to get it all wrapped up within the next few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS2: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 24, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2