Midterm week coming up…and I survived last Thursday….

Friday was better than Thursday…the patient I was worried about was okay (ie the incident report thing). Plus, I felt better when the awesomely experienced beefy man tech admitted he practically cried too that Thursday afternoon, because things WERE so insane. He thought about quitting! So it validated my intense stress levels to know I wasn't the only one way overwhelmed. Poor guy.

Hmmmmmm, I'm trying to think of Friday, but honestly it's blurring up on me…I was kind of in a daze. I was really gun-shy about going back to that unit after Thursday's experience. Luckily we were more fully staffed and with good workers and so it wasn't so bad. Plus the hardest (for me) to handle patient, group-wise, had gone to a “real” hospital for medical reasons, so it was a little quieter. I did make a few documentation mistakes in the computer so I had to write the same note THREE TIMES – ugh, lol. My OT let me go a little early –
I left 45ish minutes early (I stayed an hour late Thursday). My OT warned me she grades low – she gives mostly a score of 2, Needs Improvement, at Mid-term, and usually a 3 at Final….yay. Low scores, just what I need to boost my confidence lol. No, I guess it's good. And I do need a lot of improvement. Although I think OVERALL – considering how crazy things are – so understaffed, her running the neuro day program and me running a currently high-census area – that I'm doing a pretty good job for the most part!!!!

My patient who scored sooo low – in way severe dementia range – scored almost three times higher – now in moderate dementia range – and was much more in it. I'm getting deja vu, I feel like I must have already written this all up? She is in a different unit…another patient came up to me and asked me something utterly outlandish…I was like….ummmmmm…..lol.

This is midterm week coming up…..week 6….six more weeks of rotation…wow. I need to start figuring out what next, SOON, huh….:x

Soon to come: My cat and the ACLS…a perfect match.

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