Minnesota Rate of Manipulation – Normal, Blind, and our own state versions

Here is the promised video. The Minnesota Rate of Manipulation test is used to measure manual dexterity. It is often given by occupational therapists. There are several ways to do the test. It is also possible to use it with blind people. This is a pretty bad video and hard to hear, but here it is:

1) Normal Minnesota start
2) Blind Minnesota
Our own wacky state versions (all done by people FROM that particular state)
3) Arkansas Version! – By Foot
4) California Version! – Sorting by Recyclables
5) Tennessee version! – East, Middle, and West, as based on football. East messes up, Middle gets it right but does it weirdly, West does it perfect!

Tonight the class went to Bigfoot downtown, and tomorrow is our orientation for incoming OT students. Have tons of pictures, hope to share them soon. Will respond to e-mails soon too.

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