Miss Awesomeness Goes Live on Indiegogo :)


Work, schmork 🙂 I should have spent the last few hours (its 2am) doing actual work that will help me on Monday, but instead I was busy writing up this Indiegogo campaign, see the link I pasted. I have so many ideas that it's frustrating to not have the funding to put them in place. I just launched it, and if any of you want to go check it out and potentially consider a donation via Paypal or credit card, it would certainly be appreciated. However, just your moral support is always enough for me. I'm not big on asking for money but hey, I turn 30 next week, it was time to rock the boat and get this MissAwesomeness show on the road 😉 PS: Every dollar counts, so even if you just want to donate a tiny bit it will hopefully add up and lots of kids can benefit from it. 🙂 Not just special ed. 
It's been a fun 5.5 years with y'all…I'm now well over 330,000 page views and just started hitting about 10,000 page views a month, and it's pretty rapidly increasing as I've worked to increase content. I'm hoping with this campaign I can get funding to get some help so I can do more! I also hope that since AOTA conference this year in April 2013 will be in San Diego, CA, my hometown, that you consider coming to San Diego for conference!!! It's a lovely city and a wonderful conference and it really is worth it for a thousand reasons, my favorite part besides the networking is the Expo. 🙂 
It's past 2am so I guess I should go to bed. Tomorrow I need to focus on actual work-work, the kind due on Monday, not the fun kind!
PS: On Friday it was “Crazy Hair Day” at one of my schools. Someone complimented me on my crazy hair (the sparkles) and I was like….yeah, this is every day. AHAHAHAHA
PS: I like to use PSes inappropriately, ie as a pre-script rather than post-script sometimes. It's the rebel in me, I can't help it
PS3: I also started a Facebook public page – http://ww.facebook.com/missawesomenessdotcom   It's just starting, but I hope to start posting increasingly more content there rather than on my personal Facebook page, as most of it is more appropriate on the public page! The first thing I did was post a Doodle Buddy drawing I did of me killing a spider with a candy cane, because that is literally something that happened earlier tonight. I have been doing a lot of iPad playing this weekend to try out a ton of new apps for my OT kiddos, and that was one of them I liked.
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