Miss OTPF 2008 is HERE!

Even if you aren’t in the OT world, this pageant should be pretty amusing!! Please enjoy! APRIL IS OT MONTH!


  • OTPF stands for Occupational Therapy Practice Framework…a VERY important document in OT Student Land, with specialized vocabulary and everything. 🙂
  • Brooke is the announcer.
  • Karen (me) is reigning Miss OTPF.
  • Stereotypical contestants are: dorky Meg, cheerleader Stephanie, snobby Kim, mean Allison, one-upper Kerri, and South Carolina ditzy Emily.
  • Neal, our tech guy, helped a TON…and HE put in the “does it all” part in my name in the credits…I swear I didn’t ask for that. lol
  • Filming took place in our big OT lab, made possible by…..I can’t say until we get permission. lol.
  • Our department chair okayed the video
  • It’s a SPOOF…and based on limited time, money, editing skills, budget, etc. For all these reasons it is not very occupation-based. Don’t point this out, we already realize this.
  • Feel free to make your own Miss OTPF 2008 even BETTER and post it!
  • YouTube can’t accept 18 minute videos – Google Video can.
  • This was primarily aimed for an audience of other OT students – but hopefully all can enjoy.
  • I became Miss OTPF by default last year one day when I had the OTPF with me and nobody else did…every time the OTPF was mentioned from there on out, my name was brought up….from now on I’ll hopefully win by dictatorship. We’ll see if there are any other Miss OTPFs out there that are cooler. We could have a champion Miss OTPF contest….hmmm.
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