Monday = tired OT day

Today a frustrated child stabbed his scissors into the paper, narrowly missing my hand [ he wasn't trying to hurt me].

Today I worked with two adults who had strokes, one adult who had a traumatic brain injury, then a row of pediatric clients:  a child with CP, a child with Down syndrome, and a child with a traumatic brain injury. It's set up as an adult clinic for the most part so it takes a lot of creativity to do therapy with the pediatric clients at times…not just filled with kid stuff. Limited options. It worked out though.

Lots of notes to write though, boo…I am very tired. I should work out but I have decided Mondays need to be a no-guilt workout free day as I always am so tired! Need to prep for tomorrow – was over on hours today and will be over hours this week by a lot as I am taking a course that is also Saturday 8 to 530. So I'll try to shave off time here and there when I don't have patients. 

Did I mention I am tired. Stuff to do but too tired. So….bedtime soon.

Jun 15, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1