Monkey vs robot will have to wait another day…OT school beckons :(

So…I had an intention of doing another blog blitzard, because I have a lot of small random things to share…but I just got home since being gone for 14 hours and I have to work on my management class strategic planning stuff and my leadership paper + deal with about a bazillion new school-related emails that need immediate attention. Seeing as how it's 11pm and I'm tired, I guess I have to prioritize for once! Boo!

Tomorrow or soon you can look forward to the age old OT question: “Monkey or Robot?”, Caregiver Burden, a picture of the MOT class of 2010 that just started at my school, our superhero tech guy's glowing review of OT students, some e-mail copy/pastes from some fun readers, etc etc. Plus, of course, a crazy story with a picture, all about how you should vote for Brooke & me.

My tomorrow list:

830am: online management meeting
10am: class
noon: total body conditioning class w/ at least 5 other OT girls at the gym
2pm: learn to input our research data into research database
5pm: go to a fancy dinner with some very nce people who are treating lol
7pmish: Possibly hang out with OTS Virginia 🙂

Rest of the time: work on assignments! Stuff is starting to creep up!

PS: I thought it would be a good idea to do campaign songs American Idol-style and post them on YouTube, but my friends nixed the idea and said it would be annoying! :O

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