More Off-Topic from Birmingham….

You all have to deal with me a little longer with off-topic Birmingham posts because I am trying to show off my balance of occupations which is super important, okay? I’m an OT and I blog about OT but I like occasionally blogging about non-OT. 🙂
The first picture is just such crazy texture. It was my rainbow hair sparkles in a Sephora black and white plastic bag, with my new vintage amberish necklace on top with one of Orli’s sweater therapy clips and it was just a riot of texture! The second picture is the stuff I am bringing back with me from Orli’s SweaterTherapy collection, for my aunt Teresa to sell at her hair salon in Carlsbad, CA. 🙂


This is Laura’s (my friend Tana’s sister) cat Bennie, a Maine coon. He didn’t mind the sweater too much. Sorry for the mess, we were going through products and he tried to help.


Check out the CHOCOLATE FETTUCINE we made. It’s chocolate crepes cut into thick noodles, with a drunken chocolate sauce of basically chocolate and gran marnier and a few other things, and then heavy whipped cream. Amazing. Decadent.

The next picture is Orli and Tana having some fun with the mannequins, or shall we say womannequins. 🙂

We went to a cool store called Charm in Birmingham, and I think a knitting mafia or whatever they are called, must have done this tree. 🙂


Orli and I doing creative idea thinking at a coffee shop…
LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura Stacey bags that she hand batiks. I use mine all the time. This was at the Birmingham’s Farmer Market. Expensive but hardy, beautiful, unique, and worth it.

Tana the physical therapist aka Miss Sweetness as she has deemed her Miss Awesomeness offshot title to be, with her sunflowers, Orli sweater, and Laura batik bag….

Tana and I being silly in our new SweaterTherapy sweaters, posing for Orli late at night! 🙂 Hers was called “Pink Palace” and mine was “Lollipop”….They are nice and heavy and warm and sooo cute. We look like elves!


At Charm the store they had this praying mantis holding earrings which I really liked but I felt sorry for him, having to hold those all day, I bet his poor little praying hands got tired. Do you guys remember me writing (maybe I only put it on Facebook?) that I had a praying mantis in my bed recently?!

Finally, a picture of the baklava Tana made me for my (belated) birthday. I don’t like baklava you get in 99% of restaurants or stores, but I loooove homemade baklava that is drenched and wet with honey! Yum!!!! I ate ten thousand pieces.

Okay. I am CLOSE to done with utterly off-topic posts. I’m sitting on the airline writing these up so I can get them put away and move on!

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