More pictures thanks to a scary bug.

A giant bug scared me at 1am so I’m posting pictures from my cell phone in random order.

Suspend, balance game Interesting, tried it at friend Orli’s house. (Orli is a super awesome famous low vision therapist!!) 
Fine motor toys in Norway that came originally from USA Denny’s
Beads used in weighted blanket 
Painting and drinks go together…right Orli. 
I think people in Norway have more advanced sensory systems because their stairs are super steep. 
I want this. I took this picture in Norway or Denmark and I want to make a version. 
This pic just made me laugh. 
A reminder to myself to maybe try this craft. 
cool ergo spatula in Norway
Super awesome weighted blanket an amazing friend donated that she made for me. So I donated it to one of my SPED classrooms. It’s 12 pounds. Using the beads showed above so washable. 
I want to do this. You get holey balls and stick a light scarf in them, have to pull it out. 
My professional friends with graduate degrees enjoy hanging out with me trying out new toys for my kids, sorry the pic is so dark. 
Norwegians and me. 🙂 Super cute. 
An app I wanted to look into, I took pic with phone while reading magazine in a waiting room. Um, I still haven’t checked it out. 
Some of my recent new stuff we got from district…well not the dominoes. 
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