Morphology Jr as an Imagination/Flexibility/Creativity Tool for Our Rigid OT kiddos


Just received a free copy of Morphology Junior in the mail, to review. I tried it out today with a child working on flexibility and imagation. This game is for 8+ years old but I have to say it was challenging even for grown-ups to figure out how to do things like make a squirrel (other people have to guess what it is) using very limited supplies such as a few cubes, a string, etc. Actually I was impressed my child came up with balloon using the wooden dowel person, a string, and a white cube. (hard to see, but it’s in the upper part of the picture on the right). I also liked his version of “eating” – he made a little table with blocks, then a green marble thing was the food, and he had the wooden dowel person tilt torwards it.

We didn’t play it exactly as it is supposed to work, but I can tell that in its current state it’s too hard for most of my kids considering it was hard for us grown ups. HOWEVER, with slight modifications, it’s an awesome concept. I’ll probably provide a few more objects than what is currently provided. I let a special ed teacher borrow it to try with some of her small groups, I encouraged her as well to modify. We played a few rounds together. I see the potential. Not ready to fully review but wanted to share the first day’s insights! Anyone else used this?

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Oct 24, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none