MOT Class of 2010 starts today! Awww their new faces…

The new MOT Class of 2010 starts today!! I'm going to be a tour guide along with a few other OTS girls so I better go shower and get ready….yes it's after 11am…sleeping in is heavenly. It's going to be so cute to see their scared little faces! I remember being so awed last year when I was the baby student…now we get to help them ourselves…the circle of life…la la la…anyway…tomorrow my class starts school and it's just a two hour guest speaker! Nice easy start! Good thing too because I have ten million errands and a half to do! And I'm not even exaggerating!

Happy 2008, people…time to get back into the groove of things. That means reading blogs regularly again. Like mine. Since I'll be updating regularly again. Cough. Hint. Subliminal message.

Jan 02, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2

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