Mother warrior – the OT shout-out is nonexistent though

So…this lady is an AMAZING “mother warrior”…! It makes me slightly sad that although she had to have a TON of occupational therapy, only rehab generically, and physical therapy, is mentioned in this relatively long article…it should have been the OT that was making the biggest difference to her and allowing her to live her life as fully as possible, in wwhatever way that meant to her. 🙂 Question is…did she not get great OT…or….who knows….anyway, a very cool lady. But this is the kind of thing where AOTA needs to do a follow-up and be like YO! Here are ways OT could have or did help someone like this!

Today was a pretty good day…I helped with several sessions in the afternoon although the morning was odd…including an eval with a man whose chart says he had no plumbing or electricity….tomorrow I do an ortho eval – a hip – by myself, and a treatment, by myself…with one of my UT teachers, Anita, observing…for some research she is doing…scary!!! I then babysat all evening and now I'm going to bed!

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