moving on…

It has been brought to my attention that I have not blogged in a few days. Oops.

I'm navigating right now…struggling to have given up a dream and trying to find new dreams…to find a new journey I can tolerate and quite possibly come to love….
I'm waiting to hear back from one place that is really neat…I hope to interview soon. It wasn't in the original cards, but I think it would be wonderful. 
I'm in a contemplative place…I've always been a student and now it's time to start a career…my first step sent me reeling backwards and now I'm waiting for the figurative bruises to fade, scared but again ready to put myself out there. Wow good thing I didn't go into creative writing….that was the worst explanation ever.  Maybe I could get a PhD in self-deprecation…although I'm sure I'd find a way to fail at that too…. HA HA HA HA! That was funny!!!!!!! 
I'm starting to prepare myself psychologically, for moving and for becoming an OTR/L (I'm at OTR right now!!! CRAZY to be able to say I'm an occupational therapist!!!)…
I'm also starting to prepare myself (well, ok, the house) physically too…need to continue working on sorting, organizing, filing, trashing, donating, etc…lots and lots to do. 
Don't forget tomorrow is Father's Day…
Sorry my last posts have been kind of depressing, it has been a hard month…but I do honestly believe things will start improving relatively soon…give me a little more time to wallow…then hopefully I'll start back with my insanely hyper and excited passionate posting…but as a practitioner, not a student….(I'll have to be extraordinarily vigilant about HIPAA of course!!)……oooh the adventure will start soon…I'll be ready. 
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