Tonight is my first night in GA in my own room in the shared housing. I spent many hours today getting it all put together although it still has many hours to go. It's tempting to say that I should just leave it bare as I need to move soon (so I can have my cat!!) etc. But I think it's worth a day or two of hard work t have several months of higher quality of life…

Tomorrow I start interacting with human resources & GA government in general to get driver's license, paperwork, all that, started. I have this week to get settled in – I of course want to get all the paperwork done, get my room settled into, catch up on things I'm behind on even from Memphis, and also do a bunch of shadowing of various therapists. 
I am glad to have Internet access right now, it's pretty weak, inconsistent/spotty here….slow too. For an internet addict like me, that is a HUGE shock to the system!! I am grateful to my friends who helped me move and grateful to all in general for the support. More later…it's only 10pm but I'm tempted to go to sleep. One of most exhausting weekends ever. Better see what time I meet up with human resources first though!!! 
I can't tell you all how many “firsts” I've had recently, especially even in the last few days, but a LOT….let's hope things continue to go smoothly. 
Aug 24, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1