My 30th Birthday Wish List of Awesomeness Which Includes Lots of OT Stuff.

I have been stressed and working super hard lately and then had a busy weekend with a lovely wedding and baby shower (both wonderful, but tiring!) and this morning I did nothing but play online and get inspiration, therapeutic relaxation, and excitement as I added like a thousand things to my Amazon wish list for my 30th birthday coming up in a few weeks. It’s a combination of OT stuff for my kids, unicorns, sparkles, glitter, etc etc. Miss Awesomeness is sparkly, I can’t help it. I was made that way.  I’m not sharing as a hint for gifts since 99% of you who read this don’t really know me (but if you have like a million dollars lying around, feel free) but because I do have a ton of OT stuff on there I want that may jog your own memories or ideas for OT stuff (kind of near the end of wish list) that I just haven’t gotten around to sharing on the blog. And it gives you valuable insight into my insane personality. I blame my mother. Just sayin’. 🙂

Karen’s Wish List

I also just took a lot of image captures on my computer as I got ideas for new crafts and projects. Some for my own “occupational balance” that just make me happy, and others for my OT kiddos…

PS: I typically write up a few posts at a time and schedule them throughout the week. So I have a few going up that were pre-scheduled, but I haven’t forgotten about all the things I have left to do. I guess I can’t say “I didn’t have the time” since I just admitted I spent like 3 hours staring at unicorns and rainbows. But how about “I didn’t make the time right now because I’ve been working so much that I desperately needed to do something solely for my own enjoyment and while I do love blogging and OT so much, sometimes it still doesn’t count as “me” time”, and I like run on sentences, and the end”

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