My boring day, sorry…a better post tomorrow

I’m trying to post daily so I stay in the habit and keep up my bloggy presence, even when I don’t have much to say or don’t have time to think up a long post. I type well over 100 WPM so I swear that even if this post ends up long it only took me a few minutes, since it doesn’t require any thinking.

So just a quick blurb on what all I did today as I get ready to start back up in school, I’ll try to post something with more depth (ie not so boring) tomorrow. This morning, went up to the university again to print more and buy a few books – one on group dynamics, one on research, one on physical dysfunction. Saw Virginia (OT). Worked out. Went to lunch with an OT friend a year ahead of me who just started her clinical rotations. She reassured me in some ways and gave me nightmares in others with her tales. Then Brooke (OT) walked up to our lunch date because she was in the same area to go wedding-dress shopping with a friend. Small world. Went to the mall to buy some clothes on sale. Went to Super Target for needed stuff. Went to a Skate Shop to see if they could fix my snake board (couldn’t, too obscure). Hurried back west as storm was brewing. Went to eye doc to see about an appt. Called my university’s insurance and got bad news about their prescription coverage (ridiculous). Did 2 loads of laundry at landlord’s. Now working a shift until midnight. Oh, and organized probably 500 pages of notes for the semester into binders. That was immensely enjoyable, hole-punching it all…I’m slightly overwhelmed by our schedule and all the different syllabi, but I guess it always seems worse than it is. Even though I love OT school I’m already stressed out thinking about all the work!

Merrolee, oh so famed OT educator in New Zealand leading the OT Web2.0 revolution, recently sent me an article called “Culture, Theory, and the Practice of Occupational Therapy in New Zealand/Aotearoa” by Kaja Jungersen. It was published in a 1992 AJOT. I’ve only skimmed it so far but my initial reaction is A) it reminded me of my anthropology class from undergrad, and B) its discussion of the Maori culture sounds a lot like the American equivalent of Native Americans in that their indigenous culture was marginalized. The article discusses models and ways for OTs to deal with marginalized cultures (well specifically Maori but the results can be generalized). I need to read it more closely before I write anymore about it though.

So that’s it. My boring but busy day and a quick glimpse into NZ culture. Back to work…

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