My boring stick people need hula-hoops: lefts and rights


Meet my boring stick people. They are SO SUPER boring, that the only way to make them fun is to give them hula hoops. 🙂

Materials: “Bobbins” racks from Michael’s or other sewing or craft stores + some white plastic rings that had something to do with sewing as well.

Activity: Put “hula hoops” on stick people via my directions, ie “Row 2, left…..Row 3, middle left…Row 1, right….”

Working on: lefts/rights, following directions, etc. I mostly put this together to work on lefts/rights. 🙂

Note: I put a L and R on my hands with marker ALMOST every day (and often on my kids hands)…The other day I asked a kid to show me his left hand during an evaluation. He had trouble with it. A few minutes later I did something and he spotted the L and R on my hands and was like “You’re cheating!!!!” ahahahahaa

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Nov 10, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none