My cortical systems are failing me

Today we learned about cortico-striatial-pallido-nigral-thalamo-cortical systems. Or something similar to that… And we learned about hand skill interventions. And we worked on peripheral nerve injury worksheets ,and learned about falls in the elderly. Sometimes I think (in fact, I'm sure), people look at OTs and go, why in the world are we paying so much to have her swing our child or make him play with play-doh?” Well after days like this I have a lot of scientific sounding answers! And I plan to share these answers (on the generic “why do you have a master's/why should we pay you so much for common sense stuff) soon!

And my research group spent two hours with our professor mentor figuring stuff out.

And then I went to dinner with nine OT girls and two of their husbands/boyfriends, to celebrate my birthday! And I got some wonderful presents!

We went to a great little Mexican restaurant called La Espiga. It was fun and I really appreciated it!! That's the best part about OT school – the wonderful friends you'll make! Oh yeah, and learning how to help people…AHAHAHA just kidding – it is ALL wonderful. Although I'll admit I'm tired and feeling overwhelmed. And that my left eyeball feels like someone is pushing it into my skull. That doesn't really motivate me to study. I may work a little on research and then call it a night! Pathetic I know! Oh, and I officially submitted my Assembly of Student Delegates application! We can't campaign until November though! So I won't go off on a tangent telling y'all how wonderful I am and why I should hold a certain position! Just kidding. 🙂

It's good to be back in school and to see everyone! Perhaps tomorrow when my left eyeball is behaving and not messing up my cerebral cortex, I will have more to say.

Oh, and today is PATTI's birthday, everyone! She is a new MOT student and her blog is linked on my sidebar!
Oh and my OT “little sib” (incoming class) e-mailed me and she also seems very devoted! This upcoming generation of OTs are going to kick some occupational BOOTIE!

By the way, this might totally get me in trouble, and if I get outraged responses I'll end up deleting it, but I decided the slogan of outpatient occupational therapy should be “More paperwork, less poo.” …because it seems a lot of OTs and/or OT students base their decisions on where they want to work, based on how they handle body fluids!

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