My elementary school OT day in a nutshell….and oh a shameless request too.

Okay all, I’m trying to raise money to fund my first children’s book (already written!) as well as educational ipad apps and some other branding initiatives for Miss Awesomeness! In other words, stuff you could one day use to work with your kiddos!!! My campaign ends next week and so I’m going to be as annoying as NPR only for a single week. Actually I’m exaggerating, I could never be as annoying as NPR during their drives when they ask for money every single second of the day. I’ll ask every few days for the next week and then it’s over. Seriously even a few dollars helps, not kidding, because it helps drive the “go factor” up and then it’s more likely to be seen by others… THANK YOU. Okay moving on… 🙂

Today included …….let me think….some swinging, trampoline, “verbalizations and visualizations” of a Pokemon character (and later a 50 foot baby) and starting to handwrite using hi-write paper about these ideas….some tracing, some Handwriting without Tears number writing, a lefts/rights/1-2 step direction game (ie go 3 steps to the left, two steps up….)…um….some angry birds on the ipads free choice time….some angry birds plush pencil toppers used for finger isolation….some adapted tripod grasping…some small tennis ball head man time (he was fed pennies)….a Touch & Write ipad app was used in conjunction with handwriting…cutting….guided drawings using angry birds….desk organization…..and an IEP meeting…….and a partridge in a pear tree…..etc 🙂

Tomorrow is an all day ipad class! And hopefully, finally, the Dexteria review!
Jan 15, 2013 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1