My feelings are getting hurt left and right!!

Augh! The world is attacking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I were a snail and then I'd crawl into my shell and you'd have to provide the perfect environment for me to come out, right now the environment is MEAN so I'd be hibernating on the ceiling in the neuroscience lab, trying to avoid being dissected…(I swear you'd find snails in the weirdest places in that room)…didja'll know I spent an entire summer running mice through 8-arm radial mazes to test their memory….some of those mice coulda used some OT.

Here's my current attack: Some new grad on the school system listserv asked about pica and success with sensory diets…I responded with my own two cents and then copy/pasted a single paragraph from Wikipedia, which I said has a poor level of evidence but had some good points…..

And then a dude responded and warned me about copyright and that he was sure the OT had already done all their research anyway.

I was like A) it was WIKIPEDIA, and I attributed it there and B) I wasn't trying to say I had new and valuable information the world had never seen before, was just trying to share some thoughts!! Which is the point of a listserv! It really hurt my (currently very sensitive) feelings!!

I think I just feel like !!! !!! !!!!! and AUGH and !!!!! !!!! !!!!

Ok I'm going to calm down now.

Aug 21, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2

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