Friday was my final day at my first rotation. 6 more months to go (Most programs require two 3-month rotations, ours requires three). I thankfully passed with flying colors.

Because Thursday was so crazy, Friday I didn’t go along on home visits but instead went to the clinic to finish up all the paperwork I was supposed to have been able to finish Thursday.

Between 930am and 2pmish, I transferred all photos to a clinic computer, tried to do Medicaid plans of cares/addendums for three kids (but did not finalize, wanted her feedback), made an autism brochure in Microsoft Publisher (have never used it before, pretty cool), prepped a mileage chart/directions chart so that it can be a future project for someone else, filled out Thursday’s billing sheets, and a bunch of other stuff. Since I could work uninterrupted (the clinic is pretty much closed on Fridays because it’s a home visit day) and I’m a fast worker, I got a ton done.

My OT got back sometime after 2pm and did my evals. She wrote a lot of feedback which was really nice. Also, the clinic director called to let me know there was a big water vase of plant clippings on top of the fridge that were for me. They are clippings from plants she had way back in the late 1990s when she was just growing her business, and she wanted me to have them so I could have a similar experience of growth…very sweet. I ended up seat-belting the vase so it wouldn’t spill, ahahahaa. Got to leave around 330pm when OT was done with my fieldwork eval….and then had a fun night socializing.

It’s shocking to think I’ve completed 1/3rd of my rotations now…next is an acute care hospital. I have one week off so I don’t start next rotation until September 29th, but it’s a cram-packed week because I am going to go volunteer and/or observe at 4 places I volunteer at, although for the first time in 3 months because my hours have been so busy. Plus have lots of appointments scheduled, so I’m going to be running around busy. Will try to get in some rest though! Plus I need to do a lot of review of ortho/neuro/deconditioning/adult goals/documentation/FIM scores/manual muscle testing/transfers….etc…after 3 months of peds, I’m rusty!

It’s Saturday and I’m exhausted…been on the go go go so long. Going to do NOTHING but sit around and rest alone for a few hours. Catch up on some reading and decompress. Going with some friends tonight to see the LSU football game, at the speech aide, Haley’s, house.

I have a lot of blogging goals to catch up on FINALLY, this week!

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