My last day in San Diego

My last day in San Diego. I leave early Monday morning. Kristina and her boyfriend Omar left Saturday night and so did my grandfather Nacho and Bibiana. Today is the first day I feel semi-normal as I've been sick the entire time I've been here. I'm not 100% but I'm way better than I was. Omar was convinced I was a zombie, haha, it's funny because it's true. Mmm brains.

It's a very pretty day and Mom and I are planning out the day. It probably involves going to the beach at low tide around 4pm, plus hanging out with Daddio aka Father Dearest as I like to call him, seeing Grandma+ fam one last time, and possibly some Christmas shopping. And of course packing. Which will be hard because I have to figure out how to put a special brownie pan (it only does edge pieces), a stability ball (not inflated, I'm not THAT stupid), a picture frame, and a bunch of other stuff, into my little bags!! Wish me luck.

I took over 600 pictures while I was here…most of them are bad, but I'll be putting up a few soon. 🙂 We saw a double rainbow in our back yard!!

I start my final Level II occupational therapy fieldwork – my last 3 months out of 9 – at a psychosocial placement in middle Tennessee, on January 5th. Gotta start reviewing the ACLS v2, Mini Mental Status Exam, CPT, common geriatric issues, etc…

By the way, my cousin is now a nurse in a transitional care unit – TCU – at UCSF hospital and she said “I love the OTs because when I go in my patients rooms they are sitting up with freshly brushed teeth and hair and it's great!”

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