My most random OT post ever. Don't even bother reading it, it will make your head hurt and waste valuable minutes of your life.

I’m tired so I’m going to cheat and write like two sentences (update: oops). Today we had an ombudsman come in and talk about some of the issues she deals with in geriatrics and long-term care, and I wrote down some info to share later. Then I had my TB skin test read at the peds hospital (negative of course), and then I went to the sitting Tai Chi class….it kinda makes me mad that a bunch of 90 year-olds can do the Tai Chi better than I can! But happy too! I really think Tai Chi is a wonderful thing that all grown-ups should have to do. I’m not into martial arts or Chinese stuff or chakras or anything, but I do think there’s a lot to be said about gentle, low-impact, repetitive movements….also it really does feel like you are handling balls of energy the way your palms end up tingling! Wow got off on a tangent. Anyway. Spent the evening with some friends, and now about to go to bed.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are going to yoga, then my research group will do data entry for the Tai Chi stuff, and then we have a class. I don’t know which class though. LOL – our schedule changes every single day, every single week. Guess I’ll get prepared for it in the morning. THEN I’m going to go do early primary voting for the FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (yes I’m 25) with my friend Christa. And then I work tomorrow night 9 to midnight.

This is my most boring post ever. I have a bunch of random things floating through my head.

I have a bunch of reader e-mails to respond to.
I’m back to being way on top in Google searches again.
My OT Practice article comes out in the February 4th edition, it’s the “Reflections of the Heart” column on the back page – I’m excited.
Penelope Moyers (AOTA president) & I are best friends and we conspire daily regarding “The Centennial Vision” – okay that was a total lie, but it made me laugh to write it.
Because I’m an OT freak.

I’m going to AOTA conference in Long Beach in April…..YAY! I’m so excited to network and hear cool speakers and get free Expo stuff! It is my first big conference! I have gone to TOTA conference and Student Conclave though. 🙂

My friend and I have finally started working on the blog project I promised way back, like months ago. I’m excited about it. It will be a challenge.

The MOT class of 2010 is so adorable. But I’m so glad I’m not in their shoes – this next year for them will be A LOT OF WORK! But fun too, you prospective OT students, so go apply. 🙂

I can’t believe I wrote this much stuff. Next week I’m going to start writing pithy concise succinct non-redundant witty amusing non-bad-analogy-making posts that focus solely on occupational therapy, so that I can lure in new OT readers from OT Practice, like a spider making a sneaky web for a fly.

Good night. I’m delirious.

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