My newest OT blog love ;) + about to get a facelift

We’ve got a new OT blog in town….Anonymous OT. I saw Tonya over at link her on Facebook and curiously clicked. I’ve gotten a little lazy about exploring my OT blogosphere and haven’t seen any new OT blogs in a long time (the newest ones I can think of that I like are MamaOT and Embrace Your Chaos for pediatric blogs, and OTpotential is a great new addition for non-pediatric, serious blogging)
I really enjoyed AnonymousOT….here is her link and I also linked to a few of her “test pins” that I may try out soon. 
In other news, is getting a face-lift. Right now it’s just my blogspot I’ve had for years. I got a friend/website designer to help me out and it’s going to go live soon – it will still need work, but it’s close enough that it can go live and I can work on it while it’s live. Otherwise it will never happen, yo. Once he gets the site up I’ll post so that those of you who access my blog via RSS feeds can go see it (pretty please)…
It’s almost 1am and I’m posting because um, I may have acidentally taken a nap from 7pm to 1am. Whoopsie doodles.

I haven’t written a stream of consciousness on my OT blog in forever. For those of you who have followed me for almost six years, that’s like…a miracle. I don’t think I’m going to start now (at least not with sixty pages worth like I could), but let’s just say March is going to be a challenging month! An IEP meeting almost every day. Luckily I work with super cute kids and that helps make it bearable. 🙂 
Hope to see a bunch of you at conference! I need to get some business cards made ASAP…plus gather my address labels…plus um, do taxes etc etc etc. And maybe sleep. Yeah, sleep.
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