My phys dys rotation starts tomorrow and I'm freaking out

Had fun this week. More on that later. But now it's Sunday and I'm stressing out. A lot to do today in preparation for my second (of three) Level II fieldwork rotation, most specifically my physical dysfunction (phys dys) rotation at an acute care hospital, starting tomorrow morning.

I have lots of nice friends who will read this and offer to help me with anything, but it is nothing anyone can help with though – just preparing. A lot of stuff around house, a lot of review, etc. I know people are like just show up tomorrow at the hospital, it's fine. But I have issues with anxiety, most especially regarding this particular phys dys rotation, and the more prepared I am, the less stressed I will be…so it's very important to me to get this stuff done! I've been a social butterfly flitting around all this week so it feels good to have a day to myself. I have a LOT of messages to respond to in various mediums so if I haven't gotten back to you lately, hopefully by the end of today you will have heard from me.

I'm pretty much ignoring the phone/regular e-mails today until I've answered all the older ones…s
Ok, back to work.

Update at 730pm…I've gotten the house prepped and done shopping and gotten gas and found the location blah blah blah, but I'm having a rough time…I'm just kinda freaking out. There's a lot going on in my personal life right now AND I am scared of this rotation and looking incompetent…combination is bad. Nervous and anxious and scared and sad. Not fun. I am going to start reviewing for fieldwork now for a few hours and then try to go to bed at a normal time…but I need lots of good vibes sent my way and if I haven't responded to anyone's messages – that was one of my goals today but I didn't meet it –  it's because I'm shutting-down a little and I guess not ready to handle things, even fun or easy things. I dunno. Maybe writing this will dissolve the issue and in five minutes I'll be fine!! Whatever. Augh.

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