My random day…

I so badly just want to share exactly what I experienced today in Feeding Group. Too bad I can’t. I’m shaking my fist at a HIPAA-colored sky.

Basically, I got to document how a child reacts when a food is first presented to them, and how they react after a few minutes. It’s fascinating to see what different children tolerate, and how parents interact with their children in trying to get them to eat. The therapists were great! It was really cool to watch. I asked a therapist if the children were orally hypo or hypersensitive if they preferred hard crunchies to soft things. My understanding was some children needed the hard crunchies to give them boundaries due to their HYPOsensitivity. She said they often prefer the crunchies due to being HYPERsensitive and it just depends on the child. Hmm, a “sticky” question…?

Then I went to Virginia’s birthday lunch. Brooke and another OT girl were present. It was at a delicious Italian restaurant. It was fun!

Then I headed to another hospital to do database entry. The computers I use are in the PT office, so I got to chat with one of their PTs who was procrastinating on her note dictation. I asked her if she felt like her job ever got easier. She said mostly not, she just has more confidence now than she did 5 years ago when she graduated.

Now I’m waiting to go work out/eat and just relaxing, so I’m just going to ramble.

Three odd things have happened in the last few days.
1. I was driving behind a girl on a motorcycle. She was wearing backpack that had an undone zipper. Suddenly a bright red pepper tumbled onto the road, an explosion of red. I felt like I was in a scene from a foreign movie.
2. As I was about to get into my car in a parking garage today, a woman was trying to get into the passenger seat of the van next to me. But her shoelace was stuck in the side of her door somehow, and so I untangled this stranger’s shoelace.
3. When I tried to leave my house this morning I was blocked by a big spiderweb blocking the entire walkway. I’m as terrified of spiderwebs as spiders so I had to go back inside, get a broom, and rip it down while shuddering in disgust. Ew.
Update: I have to add a #4. I was out walking with my friend tonight when we walked past a couple with their dog. The dog seemed nice until right after they passed us because then he turned and bit my friend on the butt. Luckily not that hard. But that’s pretty weird.

Ok I’m headed out. I work tonight and if it gets slow I may end up dreaming up another post, I have lots of ideas which came to me around 3am last night. That might be a sign of insanity, I’m not sure. I promise my next post will be all professional and OT-like.


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